Last Watched, 2023

  1. Crimes of the Future; 2022; David Cronenburg

    A strange movie for me; I think this is my first of the "body horror" genre and I am not sure I really found it horrifying or frightening, beyond a mild creepiness, in any way (except for the digestive-support high chair). I might have felt differently watching on the big screen though. Usually, I find this kind of social commentary uninteresting, and for the first half I thought it was a kind of hamfisted and transphobic metaphor - this dissolved as the movie continued, but it seems many others note the parallels. The most interesting part of the movie is how banal it is, how normal the pacing is, and how straightfaced the entire delivery is. This created, for me, a strange and disorienting effect, where I always expected something strange to be presented by the camera in a strange way, or exposited by the characters. The refusal to present a completely ordinary noir film in a very strange world makes it a good film. Watched: March. 4/5.

  2. Banshees of Inisherin; Martin McDonagh

    Fine if all you want in a movie is to watch relationships decay and the characters flail around trying to understand one another. I didn't think it was funny and I didn't think anything was "redeemed". A stupid metaphor for the Irish civil war. Sometimes tacky. But not bad. Watched: March. 3/5

  3. Me and You and Everyone You Know; 2005; Miranda July

    I think very good; it almost seemed like a debut, the simplicity of some of the gestures was striking but maybe a little incommensurate with the intensity of the emotions. And I don't think I liked the protaganists. Watched: February. 4/5

  4. Journey to the West; 2013; Steven Chow

    Mobile games core. Camp. Very funny, but the pacing is a little off at times. Would be an excellent movie to watch while surrounded by good friends, but not alone. Watched: February. 4/5

  5. Yi Yi; 2000; Edward Yang

    A wonderful movie, very "humanistic". I thought the very slow and solid cinematography was a perfect accompanyment to the way the characters are framed in their world by the film. I would love to watch more films like this. Watched: January. 5/5

To-Watch List

  1. Green Snake
  2. The Lobster
  3. Blood in Blood out
  4. Decision to Leave
  5. Memoria
  6. Long Days Journey into Night
  7. Tar